Change your mouse cursor to something cool


You may have got bored controlling the same mouse pointer which is absolutely lame . Well, you can change your mouse pointer with this awesome software where you can choose from hundreds of cursors and also add some interesting effects for it .

You have the ability to add effects, trails, or sounds for getting a personal creation.The tool has a user-friendly and simple interface; in this regard, the main window displays the options conveniently structured on the left.

The first section enables you to change the cursor’s skin. The application provides a wide range of themes which you can preview before enabling them. Thus, it allows you to see how the cursor will look like when selecting a text, resizing a window, moving an icon etc.
The second category lets you add special effects to the cursor. You can choose from various dynamic animations: circular spin, light bubble, rays, rings, circles, and many others. The next feature is similar to the previous one; the difference is that it adds the effect on the cursor’s trail. The last main option allows you to set sounds for specific actions of your mouse.

Click to download CURSORFX plus >>                                                                      Download-Button2

Screenshots :

Caution : This software may not work properly in widows 8.1 .


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