Download a COMPLETE WEBSITE to browse offline !!!


Sometimes when we don’t have internet connection due to various reasons and if you have a slow internet connection ,browsing seems to take a lot of time . but then you can save the webpage. But what if you want to browse website which has hundreds of pages in it . Here is a solution for it .


( official site to download the software >> ”   ” )

In the project name, you can enter any name, but I suggest to enter the website URL so that it is easy to remember.Fill the field Project Category with any suitable website category(not necessary).Select the path to save the files of the website.By default the website is saved to C:\My Web Sites.Click Next.Screenshot (15)

Enter any name for the project and project category(not necessary) choose the location for the save files . click next.

Screenshot (16)

Select action as download web site and enter the website address in address bar . You can also include a text file containing the addresses of multiple websites . Hit next .

Screenshot (17)


It starts downloading. After completion of the download go to the folder which you selected to save the website.Here you can see a folder with name similar to your name you chose while downloading.Open it and look for the file index.html.Double click it to open it .Now you can browse the complete website offline in your browser.

Screenshot (19)



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