How to boot any operating system or bootable image from a USB

You can boot any operating system from a USB pen-drive. I have a software that allows you to create bootable live USB drives for Ubuntu ,Fedora,Windows,Linux and other operating systems without having to put them into CDs. This software is Unetbootin .You can either let the program download the operating system and install it automatically or if you have a bootable image , you can select that image and would be able to use that from usb.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, or Linux, or Mac OS X 10.5+. Note that resulting USB drives are bootable only on PCs (not on Macs).
  • Internet access for downloading a distro to install, or a pre-downloaded ISO file


UNetbootin can create a bootable Live USB drive, or it can make a “frugal install” on your local hard disk if you don’t have a USB drive. It loads distributions either by downloading a ISO (CD image) files for you, or by using an ISO file you’ve already downloaded.

The current version has built-in support for automatically downloading and loading the following distributions, though installing other distributions is also supported:

Installation & Screenshots



  1. If using Windows, run the file, select an ISO file or a distribution to download, select a target drive (USB Drive or Hard Disk), then reboot once done. If your USB drive doesn’t show up, reformat it as FAT32.screenshot
  2. If using Linux, make the file executable (using either the command chmod +x ./unetbootin-linux, or going to Properties->Permissions and checking “Execute”), then start the application, you will be prompted for your password to grant the application administrative rights, then the main dialog will appear, where you select a distribution and install target (USB Drive or Hard Disk), then reboot when prompted.screenshotscreenshot
  3. After installation , insert the USB to the computer after powering off and (You must configure BIOS to boot USB first. TO KNOW HOW TO DO THAT click here >>  )
  4. After configuring BIOS just insert the USB and start the computer , then it should Boot and you are good to go.




If the USB stick isn’t booting , do the following:(formating the USB drive to FAT 32)

  1. Login to your operating system and right click on the USB drive and select “FORMAT “.
  2. Then in file system select FAT32 and click start .
  3. Your USB will be formatted to FAT32.

Then it will boot .




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