How Configure the Boot device order in BIOS.

After rebooting, if you have created a Live USB drive or if you have a bootable CD >>

  1. As soon as you press the power button while starting the computer keep pressing the appropriate button (usually F1, F2, F12, ESC, or backspace).
  2. while your computer is starting up to get to your BIOS boot menu and select USB drive or CD drive as the startup target.
  3. otherwise if there’s no boot selection option, go to the BIOS setup menu and change the startup order to boot it by default.
  4. Note that Live USB drives are bootable only on PCs (not on Macs).
  5. Otherwise, if you did a “frugal install” by selecting “Hard Disk” as your install target, select the UNetbootin entry(if you have prepared a Live USB from Unetbootin )  from the Windows Boot Menu as the system boots up.

FOR WINDOWS 8 and 8.1 users >>

To enter BIOS in preinstalled windows 8 computers ,

  1. Hold windows button and press C .
  2. Select settings and go to ” Change PC settings at the bottom.
  3. Select “General ” tab and scroll down until you see “ADVANCED STARTUP “.
  4. Click “Restart ” .
  5. windows 8 advanced startup menu   How To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer
  6. Then you will see a UEFI BIOS like this.
  7. windows 8 boot options menu   How To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer
  8. In the boot menu, select Troubleshoot.
  9. In the Troubleshoot menu, select Advanced options.
  10. In the Advanced options menu, select UEFI Firmware Settings.
  11. Click Restart to restart the system and enter UEFI (BIOS).

access uefi firmware settings in windows 8   How To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer

Then it will show you BIOS options.



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