How to Bypass ” in-app purchases ” in android .(*root needed)

Hey guys i found an app that can bypass the GOOGLE’s in-app purchases and you can buy anything within an app for free. The application name is freedom.Freedom is an app which enables free in-app purchases provided by the google play store. One important point though, is that you must have your device rooted before using this app. If you don’t know, what rooting is, then you must first search it, collect some information and then root your phone.

You can use this in any app and game in which you want to buy something for free. It works on most of the games and you must therefore surely give it a try. There are newer versions out every week or month, so maybe all the games/apps can be hacked with it in the near future.


Download freedom here >>                         download

  1. Make sure that you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your security settings:
  2. Install downloaded APK and launch it (first launch takes a while, please be patient), allow superuser permissions request:

    3. Launch application through Freedom

    Tap on application in which you want to use free in-app purchase, wait a little. Application should start automatically:
    Next, make your in-app purchase (appearing of FreeCard means that Freedom is running successfully):
    From time to time you can receive OTA updates for Freedom, just tap on “Update Available” dialog and update should start automatically. Here is screenshot of running Freedom and update available for download:
    You should use Freedom every time you want to use free in-app purchase, e.g. Freedom is a launcher for your apps.
    And this program does not work with online applications and will never work with online applications.If you want to remove Freedom, first launch it, go to MENU, then tap on STOP. Next you can remove Freedom successfully. IF YOU DID NOT DO IT – YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO USE GOOGLE PLAY WITHOUT FREEDOM! 

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