How to RUN MULTIPLE OPERATING SYSTEMS on your computer .


Did you know that you can run multiple operating systems on your computer without having to re-partition or any difficulty or risk. Follow the instructions below >>

  1. Download VMWARE workstation here >>                       download
  2. Install it and after installation start vmware workstation .
  3. Download the image or ISO of the operating system from internet if you dont have a CD of the OS.
  4. Select create a new virtual machine in file options.
  5.                                                                                                                                          Screenshot (21)
  6. Select typical installation. and click next.
  7. Select the installer disc or installer disc image file(ISO) if you have an image of the operating system you want to install.                                                                               Screenshot (22)
  8. Select the appropriate Operating system which will be in that list or select OTHER if it is not listed there.
  9. Enter a machine for your OS and the location where it stores data and file settings.
  10. Select the maximum disk size your OS can occupy in your hardware.
  11. I recommend selecting the “store virtual disk as a single file ” since that would make your OS to run faster.                                                                                                       Screenshot (23)
  12. Check all the settings listed are correct and hit finish.                                                   Screenshot (24)
  13. Your New OS is ready to use .
  14. Select “power on this virtual machine ” . Then it would start and you are good to go.

Screenshot (28)


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