RECORD AUDIO IN YOUR COMPUTER with snooper (with serial key)


I have found the best audio recorder on the internet called snooper.Snooper is well known professional sound recorder with advanced trigger and filter settings and high quality audio recordings .Now with AGC(Automatic Gain control ) and a built in SPL(sound pressure level ) meter.



  • Sound/Voice activated recording – Recordings are activated by detecting the incoming sound level.
  • Dictation mode – Sound activated recording mode where all recordings are collected into a single file.
  • Adjustable recording window – Records sound before and after the trigger occurs! Prevents unwanted clipping of the recorded sound.
  • Smart trigger – Apply filters and trigger sensitivity to achieve very accurate audio triggering.
  • Real time Noise cancellation – Suppresses unwanted signals according to a pre-recorded noise profile.
  • Sound/Voice mail – Snooper can send the recording by e- mail automatically after a recording or be created manually.
  • Recording Schedule – Snooper can start and stop recording at any time you set.
  • Stealth  – Snooper can hide itself from taskbar and tray meanwhile recording covertly.
  • Direct Recording Support – Snooper can record on the fly for as long as you like without interruption.
  • Record music from YouTube or Spotify.
  • Encryption – Snooper can record and encrypt the sound files for secure transfer over internet.

How to activate :-

  1. Install Snooper setup
  2. Use the given serial key to activate
  3. Done!

DOWNLOAD SNOOPER HERE >>                                                   download


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