Disable Wifi Permanently for users !

Few days before I had done a tutorial on how to disable wifi for others that you dont want using your wifi for both PC and mobile:-

( Here is the link in case you missed it  🙂  


Disable WIFI FOR OTHER WIFI users from your PC !!!   (wifi kill for pc)

Kick other devices off WIFI (wifi kill)

Okay , Now what if you want to disable the wifi completely for that person ? Here comes “Mac filters” . Whenever a user connects to a wifi network , the internet data is sent to that device by recognizing its Mac address which is unique for every device. You can block the wifi access for them by configuring your modem to block their Mac address.Awesome , right ?  Follow the steps below to proceed ! Everything here is purely educational . Don’t do it on someone else’s wifi .
  1. Open command prompt as administrator .
  2.  Type
    arp -a 

    to find the mac address or Physical address of all the users connected to your wifi.Capture

  3.  The ones having type “dynamic” are the devices connected to wifi at the moment .
  4.  Out of those, make sure you find the one that must be blocked from wifi and keep that with you .
  5. Open your web browser and in address bar type ”"  for which you will get a username and password prompt . (in case if you dont get it , try or ) .
  6. In the login prompt , write username as “admin” and password as “password” or “admin” itself.
  7.  In the router page go to “wireless ” or “wifi ” options and look for “Mac filtering “.router page
  8.  Then add the “Mac address” of the user(which you got earlier)  for whom you have to block the wifi .
  9. Hit that save button (if there is one) and exit .
  10. Restart your modem . And that’s it . “No one messes with you now !” .




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