Sometimes you have visited thousands of awesome websites across the internet but forgot to note those website address or bookmark them . These are some of the TOP websites that i found . I hope they are pretty usefull.

              TOP WEBSITES :         —- lets you hash any word or file.                         —- know your internet usage and bill.                          —- download cool fonts.                          —- download cliparts.           —- bypass any adds.                   —- download any script for free.               —- Check whether a port is open or not.                —— Lend or borrow any books\. (  —- know the lyrics of hindi songs.                    —- download subtitles.                     —- view cricket scores.  ,  ,  ,   ,  ,   ,  ,  ,                                                           —- Watch latest movies online for free.    —- Download cool games(latest big games).           —- download (Password recovery utilities,network monitering tools,internet related and Desktop utilites)     —- has perfectly timed photos.         —- download files as a premium user .                           —- create new blogs.                         —- save any text.                              —- get serial keys of almost all softwares.                        —- download e-books.                   —- find anyone’s ip address.                    —- build your own linux operating system.         —- watch TV shows and movies for free.                   —- deciphers the previleges of services of windows.                      —- share your files without uploading it anywhere but just beam it on the go .                                                                                                                          —- download apk file of any app directly.                                         —- watch hindi TV shows                                   —- learn to repair computers                                        —- get online courses for free



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