Disable WIFI FOR OTHER WIFI users from your PC !!!

Few months ago , i made a tutorial on how to kick other wifi users off your network from your ANDROID phone

(here is its link >> https://crazyprogram.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/kick-other-devices-off-wifi-network-with-wifikill-for-android-root-needed/   )

Now we are going to do the same thing , but with PC . Now , how cool is that ! ? .A small software utility called NetCut (popularly known as Wifikill for PC) does the same thing which the wifikill app does. But the only problem with that wifikill is that you need a rooted phone . This utility NETCUT works in Windows 7 , windows 8 and 8.1 .

                                                     CAUTION  :-                                                     

This post is solely for educational and learning purpose. This software should only be used on your Local wi-fi network. It is not meant to be used with public wi-fi networks. This software should not be misused and should not be used to play with any public wireless network security.


  1. Netcut is a tool to analyse the wifi network.
  2. You can find Mac address,ip address and brand name of all the devices connected to your wifi network and even change their MAC address.
  3. The best part is That you can disable the internet connection for any device connected to your wifi network that you specify.
  1. First of all download the Netcut (only 2 MB in size) from the following link. Unpack the content of rar file to get the setup files.
                                               Netcut (Mediafire link)
2. Install the netcut as you install a normal software(with defaults). After completing the installation, it will begin the installation of winPcap(necessary). If not started, manually install the winPcap(included inside rar file) .
3. Restart your system. Click on the newly created Netcut icon on desktop (if you choose to create desktop icon at time of installation else run it from program list).
4. You will see the Netcut window with all the devices(including mobile phones and tablets) connected to your local wifi Internet.
5. Here, you can see IP address, Physical address (MAC Address) and host name of various devices.

6. In order to cut the Internet connectivity of a device, select it from list and click on cutoff button. The blue icon for that device will turn into red showing that device has been lost its internet connectivity. If you want to restore the internet connectivity, simply select the device and click the Resume button.

     netcut windows 8
7. Notice the checkbox protect my computer on top. Checking it will ensure that your device is not vulnerable to netcut attack (If some other user on the wireless LAN has Netcut installed).
8. With this wireless network monitoring tool, you can secure your wireless network. Another main feature of netcut is that you can change the MAC address of any connected device. Highlight the device and click Change MAC button.
10. You will not be able to control the devices which have Anti- netcut (Netcut defender) installed and running.

63 thoughts on “Disable WIFI FOR OTHER WIFI users from your PC !!!

  1. is there a DOS command script available with netcut so I can create a script to manage devices at a given schedule, such as kill son’s devices at 11pm and re-activate at 7am. For example netcut.exe /cutoff and then to enable netcut.exe /enable

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  2. i used netcut to block to block unknown devices but it didnt help. the blue colour would change to red but would not cut off internet connection from the device ( tried this with my own device as well ) . What else can i do ?


    • If you have to hack a wifi , you need to have a PC for that . There is not any app to hack wifi password (there may be some to hack WEP encryption but not the WPA ) . All wifi hacks can be done using the “KALI ” or “Backtrack” operating system . I will soon make a tutorial about that . Stay tuned 🙂


  3. i killed someone’s wifi now it says off… after a while it says on i want to keep it off for a moment… cuz i’m laggin u know.. any solutions???.. sry for bad english..


  4. how to install netcut? i tried on the link given above but it download rar file and when going to open it start downloading again and cant start setup. how to open setup please help me.


  5. hello there.. is this for temporarily cut off… or permanently…. I need to cut wifi of my neighbour who is using my wifi…. i need to cut him off permanently… how can i.. does this app work for that too…


    • If you if you want to cut off your neighbour completely from using your Wifi go to your web browser and type or and it will ask for username and password enter the username and password for your modem number which can be found on the Internet. And then go to WiFi advanced settings and somewhere in there go to MAC address filtering and only allow your MAC address in it and only the devices that you want to access your Wifi ( Mac address can be easily found by typing ipconfig in cmd) . Then he won’t be able to trouble you anymore. Actually I will write a post on how to do that but now I am busy with college work. stay tuned! You can also use some net analysers to know their Mac address to block them.


  6. If I device for example an xbox 360 is taken off the wifi can it be put back on later. My girlfriends son won’t come off his xbox at night without a major drama so we’re looking for a way to restrict his usage. If this is the best way to do so or if you can suggest a better way of doing it would be a big help
    Thank you


  7. hay, i have instaled it but it only works when cable are connected to other computers and it is not working in wifi even it cant detect other networks and users how can i work with wifi


  8. bro you awesome , i just installed this app really i put my own phone and neihbour phone in on wi-fi and i turned off both of them which connected to my wi-fi 🙂 THANK YOU.
    mine is windows 7 64bit sony its 100% woking


  9. I download it but when ever I click on the application it said “Please run as Administrator”. But when I try to open it from administrator I cannot open it. Please help me.


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  11. Hey this tool is not working….
    can you tell me why???
    I tried this with my own device but i am still able to access internet.
    Please help me………..


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